About Eora

Eastern Outdoor Reps Association is a not-for-profit association that services the independent and non-independent sales representatives of outdoor human powered gear.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the Eastern Outdoor Reps Association is to facilitate business between its Membership and their Customers. 

What do we do?

EORA is a support system for the traveling sales rep. We're here to aid in communication, promotion and expansion of the outdoor community to consumers and retailers.

We host Nine trade shows per year in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and New England regions. 

Who do we service?

EORA covers three regions on the east coast.
Southeast - AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV
Mid-Atlantic - DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, DC
New England - CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT

Where did we come from?

EORA began in 1979 by a handful of diligent representatives based up and down the east coast. The association was incorporated in New York as one of the founding figures had an office in the same building as an attorney. Back then, we had less than 50 members and one part time staff member.

Today the association boasts over 550 members, three (3)  full time year around professional staff members, and produces nine regional trade shows annually that service over 2,300 retailers.

EASR Current Board

Mid-Atlantic Region:
Kevin Brew, VP
Ray Ferrand
Kelly Fischer

New England Region:
Scott Dawson
Scott Heald
Jim Judd

Southeast Region: 
Phil Flamand
Mel Chrestman

Norman Pitt

EORA Past Board Presidents

2017-18 Phil Flamand
2016-17 Allison Frazier
2015-16 Mike Schmidt
2014-15 Mike Schmidt
2013-14 Mike Schmidt
2012-13 Norman Pitt
2011-12 Norman Pitt
2010-11 Bill Lockwood
2008-09 Al Diamond
2007 Ron Frongillo
2006 Yahn Lebo
2005 Gary Suttles
2004 Ray Ferrand
2002-2003 Bill Chandler 
2001 Doug Cole
1999-2000 Jim Kelly
1997-1998 Howard Miller
1996 Jim Judd
1995 Wendall Trembley
1993-1994 Eric Cleaveland
1991-1992 Ron Norton
1988-1990 Steve Schneider
1986-1987 Peter Burnes
1982-1985 David Ripley
years unknown Eric Cleaveland
years unknown Mike Burns